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This is another one of my students who has enjoyed success in Alaska.  What is your fly fishing fantasy?

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Gift Certificates Fly Fishing Lessons for San Antonio, Texas
Gift Certificates are back, it's been a busy a Fall 2015 indeed with more men and women taking up the sport here in San Antonio.  These certificates come in single 1.5 hour session denominations which is $55 per certificates.  A complete set of 4 lessons would normally be $220 but if you purhcase all 4 at once the price is $180!  And these lessons come with a generous 14 months to use them!  Why 14 months?  Because with the busy Christmas Season, we know that you loved one will probably not be able to schedule the first lesson very soon and so why should that count against them?  So call me a 210-414-7418 and we will schedule a delivery time.  The first lesson is a BEGINNERs lesson and so it will include how to set up the fly rod and make the proper knots etc. (I was the primary Fly Casting Instructor for Bass Pro White River Fly Shop for 5 years)  Merry Christmas!
9:21 am cst 

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Fly Fishing Lessons for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced! Knowledgeable Fly Casting Instructor offers casting lessons that allow you to fish for Rainbow Trout, Bass, Panfish, Redfish, Bonefish, Tarpon, Sharks and many other species using artificial flies.

Special Offer For The Beginner!

Fly Fishing Lesson - Beginner's Package $55.00 USD!
Includes up to 2 hours of instruction with hands-on casting lessons, how to present the fly, how to hook & land a fish and how to make basic knots. After taking this course you will be ready to start fly-fishing!

Advanced Lessons?
If you have always wanted to improve your fly casting before your next trip then contact me before you go! You won't regret the time we'll spend together and neither will your guide!   I have instructed literally hundreds of students so my eyes have been trained to spot those casting faults that could be your blind spots! References from experienced casters who have spent time with me improving their cast available upon request. 

Hours: Flexible Scheduling for your comfort & convenience!
Email instructor for dates, times and a location near you!

How To Reserve & Pay For Your Fly Fishing Lesson? (See Below)

Step 1: Call me at 210-414-7418 or email me at and book a date & time for your lesson. 
Step 2: All fees are paid to the instructor immediately upon completion of the fly fishing lesson in cash ($ USD only). Checks only accepted from local San Antonio Area Residents with prior approval.
Step 3: Start Fly Fishing!


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